Safe Browsing for the Kids

I have been looking for a good and simple solution to ensure my kids use their iphones, ipads etc. safely while connected to our home network. I had played with Squid Cache a few times but found the management of blacklist a little too manual for my liking.

A little research lead me to check out OpenDNS. Although is cost a small amount per annum, the set up and config was very easy. I just had to set the DNS records on the kids devices and then use the dashboard on their site to manage blacklist and to review blocked sites etc.

The good news is that this has been working perfectly, AND the kids have not been busted for going to any site that they shouldn’t!

Make Google Your Default Search Provider in IE 11 in Australia

I could not work out why in IE11 on my Surface Pro 2 that I could not get Google as the default search provider in IE. When I would search for the add on in the gallery, there was just no Google! There was the Search with Google Australia Accelerator, but this aint no search!!


So, I noticed I was on the Australian site (en-au in the url) and decided to try the US site (en-us) and what do you know, there it is. It will only add and not but this is way, way better than Bing!!

There is Google

If you are in Australia and can’t work it out, head here in your browser and you should be good to go!